Clinton Street Market

Retail Dining

Our Retail division includes 10 different locations across campus that provide food, beverages and snacks to both University employees and students.  Eastside locations include the IMU River Room, IMU Coffee Cart, Pat’s Diner in the Pappajohn Business Building, Food for Thought in the Library, the River Room in the IMU, and Tropical Smoothie in the CRWC. Westside locations include the Filling Station in the Dental Science Building, EMRB Café in the Eckstein Medical Research Building, and Court Café in the Law Building.

We have four different C-Stores located in Hillcrest, IMU, Mayflower and Clinton St Market in Burge.  If you work in the stores located in Hillcrest, IMU or Mayflower your job mostly entails cashiering and restocking.  Working in Clinton St Market also includes some food preparation as it serves smoothies, sandwiches, and soup.   Most of these locations are open late, so we offer late evening hours in addition to daytime hours.

Types of Jobs you can do:



As a cashier, you will be the person who interacts the most with other students while handle all transactions at your register, so if you’re outgoing and social this job is for you. Some of the types of transactions you will do are cash, credit cards, University charge, meal swipes, and a few others. You’ll also help out around the store doing other things as needed. In order to work as a cashier, you’ll need to take an on-line course about ‘cash-handling’ the first week of work.

Retail Dining Associate

As a Retail Dining Associate, you’ll be interacting with the customers in a variety of different ways. Examples of stations you might work at are deli sandwich station (making sandwiches and making wraps to-order); grill station (making hot sandwiches on a flat top grill or frying food items to order); smoothie station (helping make and create refreshing and healthy fruit drinks); made-to-order pasta or Asian dishes where you put together spices and fresh ingredients to make custom dishes,  as well as other fun food production positions. Training is provided so all skill levels are welcome.


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