Hawaii Workers
Residential Dining

Hillcrest and Burge Market Places are our contract dining facilities and serve over 10,000 meals each day to students and guests.  Associates employed in the Market Places perform a variety of tasks including cooking, attending to the dining rooms, cashiering, restocking food, and washing dishes.  These two facilities employ the most students within University Housing & Dining, so you can meet a lot of people and work a flexible schedule (schedules are set at the beginning of semester, but you can swap shifts for more flexibility).  Also, our student staff can enjoy their breaks from class and go home as the Marketplaces are not open during academic break periods.

Types of jobs you can do:


Station worker

You’ll work at a variety of positions from pizza to Asian to salad bar to deli.  You’ll help the cook or food workers to keep the food prepared, freshly presented and work stations clean and full.  After closing time you’ll help maintain the space and equipment for next use and do some clean-up including mopping, wiping counters and emptying trash.

Beverage Stocker

You’ll help keep the beverage area stocked and maintained.  You’ll change out milk containers (must be able to lift up to 50 pounds regularly).  You’ll also do some clean-up work after closing time to prepare the Market Place for the next day.

Dining Attendant

You’ll keep the dining room areas clean, swept, tables wiped and newspapers recycled and do other tasks and duties as assigned by the Market Place staff.

Dishroom Assistant

You may help in the dishroom where the plates and trays come in sorting, running dishes through the machine or putting them away after they’ve been washed.  You’ll be in pots and pans area helping a full time worker run pans through a dish machine and putting them away afterwards.

Cooks Assistant

You’ll be working in the back of the house.  You may be in salad department or in the kitchen helping cooks prepare food. You’ll be doing a lot of prep (cutting, chopping, etc) and getting food ready before it is served on the line.  You’ll also help maintain the Market Place as assigned by the Market Place staff.


You’ll be working in the morning and afternoon shift helping our storekeepers receive and put away items in the storeroom and up in the Marketplace kitchen.  (Lifting requirement of 50 pounds)



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