Culinary Services

This important part of University Dining provides culinary and operational support to our other areas.  Positions here include delivery drivers who deliver to our Retail locations, storeroom workers in the IMU, bakers in our Central Bakery, food service staff in the IMU, Kinnick Stadium and Carver Hawkeye Arena kitchens which produce the food for catered events, and production staff to make salads and sandwiches in Cold Food Production at Burge.

Types of Jobs you can do:


Central Bakery Assistant

As a central bakery assistant, you’ll be working shoulder-to-shoulder with head chefs making desserts and baked goods for catering and special university events. You’ll also learn how to operate in a professional kitchen and assist in day-to-day operations.

Cold Food production assistant

As a cold food production assistant you’ll do various jobs including preparing, plating, and cooking food in support of large-scale food service. You’ll also assist in day-to-day operations including maintaining the kitchen and responding to internal customer inquiries.

IMU Main Kitchen associate

As a Main Kitchen associate you’ll work preparing, and cooking, hot and cold food for service in the River Room, for University Catering, and for special University events. You’ll work with professional cooks and kitchen staff to produce superior cuisine on a large-scale. You’ll also assist in day-to-day operations of the kitchen, including its¬†maintenance and upkeep.

Storeroom assistant

As a store room assistant you’ll receive, store, and issue storeroom stock to department personnel. You’ll check incoming orders for accuracy, assure incoming and outgoing stock meet quality standards, issue and deliver product, and assist in taking inventory. You’ll also assist in the day-to-day operations of a large-scale storage facility.


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