student staff group photo

What You Get

“My job provided me with a sense of belonging. It gave me a place where I was needed, a place where I was accepted, and a place I was expected to be.” – Davis

Best Benefits on Campus

Flexible and Static Schedules
Opportunities to go home during breaks
Eligible for raises and leadership positions
Competitive wages starting at $8.24 – $11.02/hr (starting rates vary by position)
Move in early – for FREE
What you Learn

Students who work for University Dining learn time management skills, experience balancing priorities, practice managing finances, real-world teamwork, connecting with other from diverse backgrounds, and conflict resolution.

Preparing for Success
  • Students make connections between classroom theory and job experiences
  • College employment contributes to overall academic and social success
  • Research shows that 15-20 hours per week can help students succeed in college.
Opportunities & Leadership

Since University Dining is the largest student employer on campus, with over 1,300 workers, students have opportunities to apply for leadership roles when they’re available – giving you opportunity for advancement.